The Science and Society Picture Library represent the visual content of the Science Museum Group. Our four museums are London's Science Museum, the National Railway Museum, York, the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford and the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.


Jeremiah Solak, Senior Image Library Manager
Jeremiah manages our international agents, and inspires us all with his worldly wisdom...

"This image works on both a scientific and artistic level. When Heinrich Geissler first began producing the gas-discharge glass tubes in 1857, it was little more than a curiosity. But practical application soon caught up and Geissler’s tubes eventually contributed to the development of neon and fluorescent lighting. Where would Time’s Square be without Heinrich Geissler!"


Jasmine Rodgers, Images Executive
Jasmine works on picture research projects with our book, broadcast and museum clients. She is also working to bring our fantastic moving footage collections to light.

"This autochrome of the Kait Bai mosque by Adolf Freidrich Paneth, is one of my current favourites; the light at dusk is beautifully captured and the atmosphere always draws me in to look deeper. The children in the foreground all have a story, and they add a sweetness and humanity to the image. It also reminds me of Tatooine which is always a good thing…"


Sophia Brothers, Images Executive
Sophia works on picture research projects with our book, magazine and design clients. She is also responsible for keeping our website updated with new themes and collections for you.

"I love the bleak, impressionist style of this image, largely owing to the autochrome process used, it has a strangely calming feel. It shows the early days of colour photography still shared the same aesthetic qualities as the medium of paint."