Stock Imagery & Framed Prints

10173007This website represents a collection of over 120,000 stock images available for commercial license. Try a simple keyword search to pinpoint the perfect image, or else browse our themes and collections for new inspiration! To license an image for your publication, broadcast, advetisement or other commercial enterprise, please email us.

For a personal touch, visit our print site and decorate your walls at home with an image from our unique collections.



You can now licence footage from us! With a broad collection comprised of never before seen clips, our film archive includes the twilight age of steam travel, Science Museum lecture films from the 1930s-1960s, the works of Louis Le Prince, Marey, Muybridge and the poignant first ever colour film made by Lee and Turner in 1902. Email us to find out more!



Brand Licensing

Brand licensing is handled by SCMG Enterprises Limited who have a history and reputation of building prosperous and on-going partnerships with external companies. Where products are deemed suitable for our endorsement the Science Museum’s logos or branding can be applied under licence. Products and packaging in our licensing programme are carefully selected to reflect the values of the Museum. Email Brand Licensing.